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About Us

Suzhou Rongwen fiber products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise that specialized in developing differential synthetic fiber and functional fiber.We have ten poly/nylon micro-fiber product lines,and it can be provided with 12,000 ton products per year.We are one of the biggest supplies of micro-fiber.We are basing on the reality to service our customers,extending the wild-market with you! 

Micro-fiber is a special yarn that is 0.1 Denier,an ultra fine micro-fiber.Each fiber is 50 to 200 times finer than a human hair! This filament is very fine,strong and virtually stretchy.Micro-fiber holds 7 times its weight in dirt,grime and liquid. Our cleaning towels are safe and safe to allergic sufferers and people with chemical sensitives.Our cleaning cloths are reusable and longwearing.The poly/nylon micro-fiber is wildly used in producing the washrag,the bath towel,the mop and the dishcloth.It is the best,most durable and economic material for cleaning in different places,such as hotel,restaurant and car wash.It is also the material to make peach skin textile,micro suede folcking,and imitated silk fabric.

The functional fiber with high-teach is a new,healthy and environmental product.It can meet the human'srequirement for high quality of life.The copper anti-bacterial fiber can give full play to anti-bacterial and health functions of copper,and it is very effective to be against the infringement of bacteria and fungi on the skin.So it is good for making socks,underwear and bedding.The silver anti-bacterial is suitable to make sportswear,and it have a good function of radiation protection and quick-drying mositure.The flame -retardant fiber is excellent material for exposure suit,grown &minors'clothes etc.

We take honesty as the first policy,and we have a team with solidarity and vigour,so believe us and we can service for you best.